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Again, addicted to drugs, how come?

Preliminary The world is increasingly developing, in all fields of humanity is progressing. One of the advances is information technology. With this technology, it is possible to accelerate and facilitate… Read more »

Sleep Needs in Children

Sleep Needs of Children The description of sleep patterns, commonly referred to as sleep architecture consists of two main stages namely; REM stage and NREM stage (non-REM.) Toddlers must be… Read more »

Learn more about our kidneys

Maybe we often hear the word kidney, kidney pain, kidney stones and kidney failure. But sometimes the term kidney itself we often don’t remember, forget or don’t feel special at… Read more »

Antioxidants, what is that?

Antioxidants are defined as compounds that protect cells from the harmful effects of reactive oxygen free radicals when it is associated with disease, these free radicals can originate from the… Read more »

Get to know Homeostasis

Homeostasis can be interpreted as a consistent or fixed resistance or mechanism of dynamic equilibrium environment in the organism’s body. In other words the body will strive for ways and… Read more »