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Becoming a Guest Post: Requirements to Become a Guest Writer at this blog

For those who want to become a Guest Post on this blog, you can read it until it’s finished. Please fulfill the requirements to be a guest writer on this blog so that I have no difficulties in reviewing the article.

Please also note that the Guest Post on this blog is only for Bloggers who want to promote their own personal blog, not for other brands or business websites. For brand and business websites, you can cooperate with this blog, complete in: Contacts.
[email protected] (Terms & Conditions)

How to Become a Guest Post or Guest Writer

Send articles to the e-mail mentioned below (word form)
As long as the conditions are met, the article will air, but when – please read to the end.

If it is not in accordance with the terms and conditions, I have the right to refuse. Will be informed in the email too.
Guest Post Article Terms

If you want to be a guest post on this blog, the conditions are easy.
becoming a guest post
what are the advantages of being a guest POST writer?

1. Getting Quality Backlinks

The first benefit when you become a guest blogger is getting quality backlinks. This backlink is indeed very important to make your blog stronger in the eyes of the Search Engine. Now when you become a guest blogger then your chances of getting quality backlinks for free will be even greater. Generally when we submit articles, the admin of the blog will provide backlinks voluntarily.
This is because the symbiotic relationship of mutualism must indeed be mutually beneficial. If the blog admin has got the desired article, the guest blog should also be worth getting the rewards in the form of backlinks.
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So from here you really have to make sure that the blog admin will actually send backlinks after you post. So when the blog admin does not offer backlinks, then you should consider again becoming a guest blogger.

2. Getting Friends and Friendship

More than just getting backlinks, you will also get a network of friendship between bloggers from writing on this person’s blog. Friendship or friendship is indeed important for both bloggers. The relationship between the two bloggers can be mutually beneficial if one of them wants to complement each other.
The guests who have taken the time to make good articles can be rewarded by blogger owners with a quality backlink. And if both of them have benefited from this relationship, then we can be sure that this relationship will last for a long time.

3. Increase Traffic

If you have agreed with the blog owner to display a blog link or simply include your profile, then by becoming a guest blogger you can get profitable blog traffic.
But to be able to make readers or blog visitors interested in articles and yourself as a writer, you must be able to make your writing interesting to read and visit. Because when readers or blog visitors are interested in your writing on other people’s blogs, they will also be curious to visit your own blog. Thus, your blog traffic will increase.

4. Means of Sharpening Writing Skills

Being a guest blog especially on a blog that already has a big name, of course will make you motivated to make the best articles possible. On blogs that are already popular this is indeed not an arbitrary article that can be displayed. They (the admin) who manage the blog will strictly select which articles are eligible to be published.
Therefore, when someone decides to become a guest blogger in this well-known place, of course they will be encouraged to make articles as good as possible. From here, in the end, your writing skills will continue to be tested and honed.
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5. Promotion Event to Introduce Yourself

Finally, the benefits of writing on someone else’s blog (being a blogger) are getting # your self promotion and blog. As mentioned earlier that when you have an agreement with a blog owner that they will display your personal data or your profile and maybe your blog, then you have indirectly received a form of branding promotion.
And some well-known bloggers say the promotion of other people’s blogs is very effective and profitable. Especially if you can become a guest blog in a place or blog that already has a big name, then your promotion will be better and better quality.
Terms and Conditions to be a Guest Post on this blog.

Guest Post on this blog is only for bloggers who want to promote their personal blog. For brands or promotions, you can check the terms of cooperation with this blog. (or contact me via email)
Send the article file to the email below – just the email below. The file format received is Words only.
In the article file, please include: Blogger Name, Blog URL, Information about Blogger and Blog Content. Including photos if you want to appear in writing on the blog.

Topics allowed for Guest Posts on this blog are:

– Tips and Tricks about technology
– Review of Movies, Books and Products (without affiliate links)
– Posts about Blogging (traveling, food, photography), SEO and Content Marketing.
– The minimum number of words is 600 words – the maximum does not exist.
– The number of links allowed in the article is max 2 (including the link in the bio author). 1 link to the article post on the blog (please embed it directly in the article sent) and 1 link to the author’s blog.
– As much as possible attach a picture that relates to the article, especially for product review articles, films and books. Please also include the source of the photo if it is not private documentation. If you don’t include a photo, it will be taken from a free image provider site like pexels.com.
– Cannot discuss Racism, Crime and Politics.
– Guest writers are expected to be ready to answer comments entered for the article. Not mandatory but it would be better if yes.
– Articles submitted are new articles that have never been published by guest writers on any site or blog. Plagiarism checks will be carried out.
– The responsibility of the contents of the article and the photos in the article are in the hands of the author.
– Articles are sent to email: [email protected] with Subject: Guest Post – Blogger Name – Article Title. Please also include social media from you.
– To send articles to other emails will not be considered. So just email the Guest Post.
– Email Guest Post Articles

I will edit every post to share the article in terms of SEO that matches the contents of the article. If you already have a keyword that you are targeting, please be informed in the article.

Displaying articles is adjusted to the schedule of the blog owner Please be patient
blog owner who is also still working in an office …

Some also receive contributors to write directly. The conditions? Already have at least 5 articles within 1 month.

I do not rule out the possibility to move articles that are sent to other blogs if it feels more suitable for there. Will be informed via email if moved.
Then What? Want to be a Guest Post on this Blog?

Interested in not being a Guest Post here? If you want, immediately send your article via email. ([email protected])