Viral! Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW), What is it?

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What is Electrolysis Reduced Water?

In the current decade, the world knows water that is very good for health. Namely the reduced water is electrolyzed. Not that the water is medicinal water, but far more important than that is water that is able to increase the body’s resistance in preventing disease. As we know that acid condition is very possible for the development of germs .

Electrolyzed reduced water (in English Electrolyzed Reduced Water ) is the name used by chemists for alkaline water with antioxidant potential. It is important to remember that

not all alkaline water has antioxidant potential. For example, tap water with a pH of more than 7 is alkaline water, but tap water has no antioxidant potential. The same applies to alkaline water sold in stores; which has a pH greater than 7, so we call it alkaline water, but that water doesn’t have any antioxidant potential , so it can’t ward off free radicals in our body. See more explanation about pH here !

Water with these characteristics naturally created by God in some magical springs in the world, such as Zamzam water, water from the Fountain of Youth in China, water from Lorde springs in Germany, etc. ( miracle water ). The same is alkaline and contains antioxidants, although the type of anti-oxidant is different in each of the magic springs, it could be due to lightning strikes, or because of certain rocks and sand. Basically, water from a “magical” spring has the same characteristics: it contains antioxidants, is alkaline and has a small particle size (micro cluster), some researchers call it the term ‘good water’, whereas for water we usually drink they use the term ‘just water’.

With various studies, the Japanese developed a genius invention that is a water ionizer (water ionizer) which when water enters and is processed in such a way as to produce this ERW. Rich in antioxidants because the water produced is rich in compounds of hydrogen (H2) which is the smallest type of antioxidant. When several tests are carried out, the electrolyzed reduced water is indeed alkaline, contains antioxidants and has small particles. It was quite successful in making the world aware of the importance of the water we drink.

Some developed countries such as America, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and even China, also participated in developing the water ionizer device, even though each year the largest antioxidant-producing contest is held and has a longer resistance, it still cannot defeat the Japanese water ionizer.

Electrolyzed reduced water is the name used by chemists for ionized alkaline water. Alkaline water produced by the water ionizer does have antioxidant potential, which is why electrolyzed water is very beneficial for health. As we know, acidic body conditions are very susceptible to disease and cancer.

The working principle of the water ionizer

The key is Redox: Reduction and oxidation occur at the same time. Redox: Reduction is half the chemical reaction which also includes a reaction called oxidation. A substance is oxidized when it loses electrons. A substance decreases when it acquires electrons. When a substance is reduced by accepting electrons, the substances that release electrons are oxidized at the same time. Both of these reactions are known to chemists as redox reactions. Reduction : Occurs when a substance acquires electrons, the reason why it is said to be reduced is because its ability to oxidize other substances has been reduced.

Oxidation: Occurs when a substance loses electrons. When a substance loses electrons, its ability to take electrons from other substances increases. Increased ability to

taking electrons means that the oxidation state of the substance has increased.
One of the most common redox reactions occurs when iron rusts. The process of rusting is called oxidation because the oxidized substance releases electrons to the oxidizing agent. In the case of iron, iron is oxidized by oxygen, because oxygen gets electrons from iron. At the same time that happens, the iron reduces oxygen, because oxygen loses some of its ability to take electrons.

Potential for Oxidation Reduction

The ability of a substance such as electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) to give – or receive – electrons in a redox reaction is called the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Because redox reactions involve the movement of electrons, ORP is measured electrically as a voltage. Substances with electrons given in a redox reaction will have a negative ORP because electrons have a negative charge. A substance that can take electrons from other substances in a redox reaction has a positive ORP, because it has a positive electrical potential. The ORP of any substance is measured in millivolts (mV) because ORP is a measure of potential electrical energy. If it is associated with antioxidants, if the measurement on ORP is more negative it means that the antioxidant content is getting higher, and vice versa.

If tested on this 1.5L ERW water, its antioxidant content is equivalent to 700s of bananas, 300s of apples. It can be imagined if the human drinking need in a day is 1.5 liters of water so if you want to meet the daily antioxidants we have to eat 700 bananas or 300 apples. (Wow!). Fortunately, humans invented a water ionizer machine that summarized the daily antioxidant requirements in 1.5 liters of water.

Potential Reduction of Oxidation vs. Reactive oxygen species

In a healthy way, the oxidation reduction potential measures the ability of a substance such as alkaline ionized water to reduce the damage that reactive oxygen species (ROS) can do – substances that have very reactive oxygen ions – can do so. ROS damage tissues and DNA by oxidizing them. ROS in the body that do this include free radicals recommended by doctors to eat foods rich in antioxidants to fight. The easiest way to think about the types of damage that ROS do to the body is that they cause your tissue and DNA to rust – like iron – and fall apart, like rusty iron.

Antioxidants have the potential to reduce oxidation, they stop the damage done by reducing the oxidation potential of ROS and free radicals by reducing them. So the reaction in your body that saves your tissue and DNA from damage is a redox reaction.

Electrolyzed Reduction Water, Ionized Alkaline Water, and Redox

The more common name for Electrolyzed Reduction Water (ERW) is Ionized Alkaline Water. The reason why water ionis makes the reduction of electrolyzed water is because water ionization inserts a negative electrical charge into water, which gives it a reduction potential. For example, the new M-13 Life Ionizer can achieve oxidation reduction potential of more than -900 mV, which is almost a full volt of electric power! Water with such a reduction potential is able to neutralize the oxidative charge of ROS. The higher the reduction potential of ionized alkaline water you drink, the more ROS that can be neutralized in your body. The high reduction potential of alkaline water is the reason it has antioxidant potential.

Ionized alkaline water neutralizes harmful hydrogen peroxide

The ability of ionized alkaline water (not alkaline water with a mixture of chemicals) to neutralize reactive oxygen species has been extensively tested in laboratories. The most common reactive oxygen species in the body is hydrogen peroxide. Ionized alkaline water reduces hydrogen peroxide to water and hydrogen gas.

Scientists have studied this in the laboratory extensively. It has been proven that alkaline water can help you recover from a hangover. This can be done because when you drink too much, hydrogen peroxide builds up in your liver, which damages and kills liver tissue. In laboratory experiments on mice, scientists have shown that rats that are intoxicated with alcohol who drink alkaline water have much lower levels of hydrogen peroxide in their hearts than mice that drink water.

Make a strong antioxidant drink: Ionized Alkaline Water and vitamin C

With the water ionizer machine you can get very good water to improve your health, because the principle is not to cure but to provide increased resistance to our bodies. Between medicine and increasing endurance can be assumed when a karate student (our body) meets an enemy (disease), if as a medicine then the student teacher who faces the enemy so that the problem is immediately resolved. But if it is preventative and increases endurance, the teacher does not necessarily intervene, but patiently trains the student so that he can overcome his own enemies without the help of his teacher. Isn’t it better like that?

Keep in mind also the hydrogen compound in ERW does not last long, the longer it will decrease, it is very good if you immediately drink the water from the ionizer treatment immediately less than 1 minute so that the maximum antioxidant content.

Then how to increase antioxidants from ERW again? Three studies have shown that mixing alkaline water with Vitamin C significantly increases the antioxidant power of Vitamin C, even three times! You can take advantage of this by mixing alkaline water with lemon juice or other citrus fruits, or with any Vitamin C supplement powder. Make sure you drink it as fast as possible, positively charged ions in the air actually attack antioxidant drinks and destroy their antioxidant benefits very quickly. For example, if you leave a glass of orange juice exposed to the air, its antioxidant potential will be almost used up in less than two minutes!

In conclusion, it is time to switch from drinking just water to drinking good water. Natural ERW water is certainly better, but even with the water ionizer we get the same benefits from drinking good water. Of course there are very many water ionizers on the market, just choose the advantages and disadvantages of each. It’s just as usual when choosing health products, always make sure that the product:

  1. Based on research and research not based on business (research than business)
  2. Winners in the contest both the quality of the machine and the water produced
  3. The company has been established for a long time
  4. Has a long endurance
  5. The price is realistic and reasonable, not because it is cheap but the water produced is also not good. Likewise expensive but not satisfying
  6. Always do a test of the quality of the water, if necessary ask for a demonstration to the distributor.
  7. Do not eat roundly information from the internet that is bad or good. Likewise from others. Ask and prove directly from the products in circulation. Roughly speaking on the internet the existence of God also responds negatively while those who have faith are not. So, it is wise to absorb information.
  8. God bless you!
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