Classy And Elegant Of Jaguar E-Type 1961-1975

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Let’s beginning to talk about 60’s, the first asnwer for it, it’s design about homing level. When you ride this care, feel the sensation become a public figure. Of course we need a drive lissent. This care have included global entertaining. The picture below well give you freedom.

This is sport car, and you will be satisfied with it. If you see the specification below, you can see how powerful of this car.

Also called Jaguar XK-E
Production March 1961–68

Body and chassis
Body style 2-door fastback coupé
2-door 2+2 fastback coupé
2-door roadster

Engine 3.8 L XK I6
4.2 L XK I6
Transmission 4-speed manual; 3-speed automatic (automatic available 1966-onward, 2+2 model only)


Wheelbase 96.0 in (2,438 mm) (FHC / OTS)
105.0 in (2,667 mm) (2+2)
Length 175.3125 in (4,453 mm) (FHC / OTS)
184.4375 in (4,685 mm) (2+2)
Width 65.25 in (1,657 mm) (all)
Height 48.125 in (1,222 mm) (FHC)
50.125 in (1,273 mm) (2+2)
46.5 in (1,181 mm) (OTS)
Kerb weight 2,900 lb (1,315 kg) (FHC)
2,770 lb (1,256 kg) (OTS)
3,090 lb (1,402 kg) (2+2)

Maybe some of you think that collect classic car is just wasting time, no benefit and it may high risk, maybe you afraid for the consequence, but, just remember one things, we are unique. Hunting collectible car for our collection is good ideas. We can make our garage fully of satisfaction package. We can prove that this classic car make or social level is upgraded.

The pictures below can inspire you. Get your own idea, and ride with style.

Jaguar Select Edition Racing E-Type Roadster

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