In These Conditions Cancer Develops

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The world knows Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg as one of the experts in the fields of medicine and physiology. Born in Freiburg, Germany in 1883. Otto Heinrich Warburg is a German of Jewish descent, and is part of a large family of orthodox Jews. But his father and mother decided to oppose his clan and become part of the Christian Protestant followers. Of course this triggers family divisions, but instead saved his life from Hitler’s ambitions when World War I we know Nazi with his racism wants race that does not deserve to exist in this world extinct, one of them Jews.

Live a normal life as a civilian and pursue education to universities in Berlin, Germany. With parents who have brilliant careers, Otto Heinrich Warburg has a life conducive to developing his talents and knowledge.

Otto Heinrich Warburg was the one who discovered the cause of cancer, at that time the world was very blind to this disease. With very deep and long-term research, examining cancerous body tissues then comparing them with healthy body tissue.

He managed to find a conclusion that:

“Cancer Grows In Oxigent Deprived Accidic Tissue”

“Disease cannot survive in an alkaline body”

“Cancerous tissue are acidic, whereas healthy tissue are alkaline”

In its free translation it can be concluded that cancer and disease are acidic, growing and developing in an acidic body. While a healthy body is a body that is in alkaline conditions.

For this discovery Otto Heinrich Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931. And is known as a world cancer figure.

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What is the characteristic of excess acid?

1. Easily Tired

Basically an acidic atmosphere occurs due to increased oxygen consumption in the body. More acidic because there is a lot of burning without oxygen or anaeorb. Increased lactic acid causes fatigue due to lack of oxygen. That is why when after eating, the body feels tired and sleepy.

2. Obesity

Obesity or overweight occurs because of the accumulation of fat in skin and muscle tissue, sometimes the buildup occurs in blood vessels and organs. When the body’s atmosphere is very acidic, anaerobic combustion occurs a lot, and digestive foods that are supposed to be made more energy, are actually stored more, because the body concentrates on breaking down the lactate rather than processing energy.

3. Bad Odor

Naturally our body becomes unpleasant every time we wake up, because of the accumulation of acids due to the recovery process while sleeping. Naturally, with alkaline buffer and lots of morning air, the body will return to the normal pH range. But when the body is acidic, odor and body odor will always occur continuously throughout the day because the alkaline buffer and oxygen are not enough to overcome it.

4. Muscle Pain

As mentioned above, fatigue is caused by an increase in lactic acid in the muscles so that the body compensates for being tired and as a signal to us to get some rest immediately. Excess acid causes fatigue to occur all the time which if left unchecked will disrupt our productivity in everyday life.

5. Stomach pain

Excess acid in the body also has an effect on our stomach, excess stomach acid causes pain and pain. Can come suddenly without a cause, for example, unlike people with ulcers that appear this symptom due to eating patterns are not even very acidic foods. Of course productivity will decrease too.

6. Skin Problems

Usually it is the impact of other acid overload problems. For example, acne is the impact of excess fat on the body. Likewise other skin problems such as itchiness are due to increased sensitivity to the sensory nerves due to inflammatory reactions. Or in other words the acidic atmosphere is very close to being stricken with pain.

Then what causes the body to become acidic?

According to health experts, the main cause that causes the body to become acidic is of course what we eat. Healthy food and junk food, basically cause our body acid. Why? because when we eat something, the body naturally releases enzymes to digest it, indirectly that’s an increase in acid. One example is when hearing the term gastric acid increases, the essence is that when an enzyme in the stomach acts to digest food. If a person has an ulcer, the increase in stomach acid is not offset by food intake, so that mechanical and chemical damage occurs on its own which causes pain.

So does that mean we don’t eat? Of course not, God blessed the human body with an automatic acidity regulator called an alkaline buffer. Alkaline buffer is tasked to balance the body so that its acidity is maintained, increases when eating and decreases when the resting phase. However, as we get older and unhealthy lifestyles, the alkaline buffer in our body will decrease both in number and strength.

Fast food or junk food is practical and enjoyable to consume, but it endangers health because it is very high in preservatives and oxidation. Preservatives and oxidation are difficult for the body to digest and actually kill our cells with their oxidation. Even not only junk food, even healthy food when consumed remains acidic. Or the cooking process also turns out to make our food acidic. In other words, healthy food will be good if consumed raw raw, when healthy food is processed by food processing or the process of making food such as fried, boiled, burned, etc., then the food will become acidic.

Another cause of increased acid in the body

1. Lack of exercise

Modern life today most people are increasingly lacking in sports. The simpler the farther the place of residence to work or business for example, causing increasingly lazy to walk. Even though we know walking is very good for health. Coupled with technological advancements such as television, computers, games, cellphones, etc., lead to a tendency to move at home. Work in the office also has a tendency to remain silent in a place except for a number of positions that require working outside the office but that position is very unpopular because usually the working life is more comfortable when there is already a lot of office appealed outside the office.

2. Pollution

We cannot avoid this in today’s global life. Industrial progress has another side, namely the increase in pollution. Every day we breathe unclean air from factory smoke, cigarette smoke and from motor vehicles. The entry of carbon dioxide in the body causes an increase in oxygen demand to balance it. But when the pollution is very excessive, the body will again do a lot of metabolism without oxygen (anaerobic) so that the increasing amount of body acids including lactic acid.

3. Medicines

Many developing types of diseases and their evil effects cause a lot of drug production to block it. We know that drugs are chemicals that are made in such a way as to ward off diseases and symptoms of a disease that have gone through a series of research and testing. Although declared safe, but the chemical substance itself is not safe, whatever the substance that is made is no better than natural substances. The digestion process of chemicals in drugs, of course, requires a lot of oxygen, and if the drug is consumed a lot, the body will lack oxygen and anaerobic metabolism occurs. In addition, kidney performance will also be higher to balance the condition.

4. Stress

The increase in the burden of life today causes increased stress. If someone who has a coping mechanism (neutralizing) against stress is good, then it can be handled well too. But it does not apply to people who have bad coping, or the stress load is indeed very large. When we are stressed the body releases the hormone adrenaline which triggers the heart to beat faster, the impact of our breath will be even faster with the digestive system and other systems. In other words, when that happens our muscles especially those organs need more energy. If the stress load is too excessive, it will deplete our body’s energy reserves, and in order to keep working, energy is processed through anaerobic metabolism so acid buildup occurs. This condition is very susceptible to disease.

5. Work Overload

Approximately the same happens to our bodies when stressed. When it requires enormous energy due to work, the body will drain energy from our food, then from our fat reserves. Coupled with a lack of activity when working, the body will lack oxygen, and the energy created is more than anaerobic metabolism.

In line with what was concluded by Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, diseases including cancer will easily develop in an acidic environment, and not develop in an alkaline atmosphere. There are also many causes that we cannot avoid such as pollution and stress. Future discussions are some effective ways to deal with excess acid in our bodies.


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