Classic Ideas : Honda Accord Third Generation (1986-1989)

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This third car generation of Honda Accord is one of famous classic car. People collect this type for many purpose, for hobbies or daily transportation. What is the third generation of Honda Accord?

Everyone have their own favourite car, so, we do. This car from Honda was famous and popular icon in time. The design is elegant and long lasting, what if one day you use this car at present, this car still have pride look.

We know that hobbies cannot be forced for everyone, but even you dislike this care, I am sure the design and ideas for modification can make this car cool for present time. We glad that people today use this car for daily activity. Some craziest idea make up this car with present tech and it make no different with new car. Just enjoy

This the specification :

Also called   :  Honda Vigor (Japan)
Production    : 1985–1989
Assembly     : Marysville, Ohio, USA (Marysville Auto Plant), Sayama, Japan, Nelson, New Zealand (Honda New Zealand), Alliston, Ontario (HCM), Johor Bahru, Malaysia (OASB) [10]
Designer    : Toshi Oshika (1983)
Body and chassis
Class  :   Compact
Body style  :   2-door coupe, 3-door hatchback, 3-door shooting-brake (AeroDeck), 4-door sedan
Layout  :   FF layout
Engine     1.6L A16A1 I4, 88 hp (66 kW)
1.8L A18A I4, 110 hp (82 kW)
1.8L B18A I4, 100 hp (75 kW)
2.0L A20A1/A20A2 I4, 98 hp (73 kW)
2.0L A20A3/A20A4 I4, 120 hp (89 kW)
2.0L B20A I4, 160 hp (119 kW)
2.0L B20A2 I4, 142 hp (106 kW)
2.0L B20A8 I4, 133 hp (99 kW)
Transmission   :  4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual
Wheelbase     2,601 mm (102.4 in)
Length     Hatchback: 4,440 mm (174.8 in)
1986–1987 Sedan: 4,549 mm (179.1 in)
1988–1989 Sedan & Coupe: 4,564 mm (179.7 in)
Width     Hatchback & Coupe: 1,694 mm (66.7 in)
Sedan: 1,712 mm (67.4 in)
Height     Hatchback & Coupe: 1,336 mm (52.6 in)
Sedan: 1,356 mm (53.4 in)

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