Get to know the term acidity (pH)

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We all seem to easily hear the term pH. We also learn in school about this. Normal pH is 7 and when the measurement results below pH 7, it can be said that the pH of the substance is acidic. Vice versa, when the pH is measured above 7 then the substance is basic. Usually to that extent our knowledge of pH.

The pH is what we usually hear and people often call it but sometimes many don’t know what it really is. We start from the abbreviation that pH is a term derived from the potential of hydrogen. This pH word often appears especially in the field of chemistry. pH is a measurement scale that is analogous to Celsius at body temperature, or meters at length measurements, etc.

In the human body, body fluids and water are the components with the most percentage. Many agree that humans consist of 70-80% water in their bodies. This human body fluid also has a degree of acidity or pH, but naturally the body will control so that the liquid is at an acidity level of not less than pH 7.3 and not more than pH 7.45. This controller is what we know as an alkaline buffer , or pH buffer that God created in our bodies. The occurrence of changes in pH in the body will trigger the metabolic process to act to neutralize automatically.

Why do we need to know the pH?

Of course we must know the pH of our body itself, naturally every part of our body has a different pH value. The following degrees of acidity or pH in some parts of the body that you can know and their functions:

Mouth : The pH or degree of acidity in the mouth is usually seen in saliva. The pH of saliva ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 or slightly acidic to neutral. This pH balance is needed so that the enzymes that play a role in the digestive process in the mouth namely the amylase and ptialin enzymes can work optimally.
Stomach : The pH of the fluid in the stomach tends to be acidic, which is around pH 4 to 6 for the upper abdomen, and pH 1.5 to 3 for the lower abdomen. This condition is caused by the content of HCl or hydrochloric acid in the stomach that functions so that the enzyme pepsin can work.
Intestine : the acidity in the intestine tends to be neutral or acidic, which is around pH 5 to 7.

Some experts say that outside the body’s acidic pH, the best acidity range of humans should be neutral and in the direction of being alkaline. Like Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, meticulous in the conditions most vulnerable to cancer is an acidic body atmosphere. And alkaline conditions are good and healthy conditions. It should also be remembered that it does not mean it must be very alkaline to be healthier, because after all excess bases can cause health problems, the example that we are most familiar with is alkalosis. Maintaining the ideal body condition is certainly the dream of all of us right? Get to know your health condition early on.

2. Get to know the acidity of the food and drinks we consume

It is important to note that each food is basically an effort to get energy, repair cells and build the body. But not all foods are suitable for us to consume, we need to pay attention to the nutritional content and nature of the food itself. Vegetables and fruits are good foods and contain lots of natural antioxidants, but still when through processing such as boiled, fried, etc., the nutritional content will change and if we consume it causes our body to feel acidic.

But it is a gift from God that the human body has a natural regulator of acidity, the alkaline buffer or pH buffer. Which can control if our bodies become acidic, it will neutralize it so that there is always a balance of acids and bases (homeostasis).

Quoting from the website, foods that are acidic are not good for our bodies, examples of which are alcohol, vegetable oil, meat and sweet foods, etc.

Dangers of the Body are Too Acidic

Generally, our body fluids have a normal pH level or tend to be alkaline. However, due to the influence of certain things the body’s acidity of the body’s solution can turn out to be too alkaline or too acidic. However, the condition of the body that is too alkaline indeed rarely happens, while what often happens is the condition is too acidic. The body may immediately carry out the process of handling automatically through the metabolic system to re-neutralize the body’s acids. But one time the body cannot also continue to deal with this problem even though our own body cannot tolerate acidic conditions for a long time because it will endanger health. One of the causes of the condition of the body is too acidic is the type of food, lifestyle, and wrong diet.

Conditions where the acidity of the body is very acidic is Asiodosis ; that is, when the body is overly acidic, it causes a buildup of CO2 or carbon dioxide in the body which causes a person to have difficulty breathing because the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood actually reduces oxygen levels that are very much needed. This also causes the body to become fatigued, headaches, pain, blisters, colds and colds, as well as problems with nose and nose or sinuses. In fact, if this condition is left on for too long it can cause damage to body cells and eventually death.

Unhealthy processed foods, too sweet, alcoholic drinks, salt, drugs, and meat can cause the body’s acidity to increase. Not only food, stress can also cause acidity in the body. Including lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and events or events that invite too much pressure can trigger a disruption in the acidity of the body which causes the body tends to be acidic.

ways to deal with an overly acidic body

  1. Proper diet. examples of the ketogenic diet, the pH balancing diet, etc.
  2. Improve the performance of mitochondria (energy-forming cells) through regular eating, limiting carbohydrates, taking cell supplements.
  3. Increase antioxidant intake. Vegetables and fruits, antioxidant supplements, drinking water that is rich in hydrogen (hydrogen is the smallest size antioxidant), reduce stress,
  4. Blood sugar regulation. DIet and exercise.
  5. Increase oxygenation. Oxygen is the most important and essential nutrient.
  6. Fill your fluid intake. Fulfillment of body fluids is very important because 70-80% of the human body is fluid, so when this water problem is resolved, basically we have overcome 70-80% of our health. Benefits when the liquid is fulfilled:
    1. Make the heart healthy
    2. Blood will remain in the right thickness
    3. Lubricating bones and joints
    4. Prevents forgetfulness or senility
    5. Helps kidney performance to get rid of toxins
    6. Prevents constipation

If the acidic condition of the body is acidosis, the opposite is that if the body is excess alkaline then we call it an alkalosis. Even though we know that acidic conditions are very susceptible to disease, conditions that are too basic are also a problem for us. Many experts say that our body’s ideal and healthy condition is when the body’s pH is in the range of 7.0 (neutral) – 9.5 (alkaline).

Danger of Body which is Basic

Alkalosis is twofold; respiratory and metabolic.

Respiratory alkalosis causes hyperventilation (shortness of breath) which makes carbon dioxide levels in the blood less than normal requirements. While metabolic alkalosis usually occurs due to loss of hydrochloric acid in the stomach due to for example vomiting. An alkaline body is characterized by cramps and muscle weakness and constipation. One of the dangers of alkalosis is the occurrence of hypokalemia; body condition lacking sugar.

How to neutralize the body that is too alkaline

Someone whose body is too alkaline tends to experience major problems in breathing. For that, it is necessary to practice how to regulate breathing properly and correctly. We know it is “learning to blow balloons” when doctors give advice. Learn how to or breathing techniques so that they are not too fast so they can control the carbon dioxide emitted. When that cannot be resolved, the person must be treated in a hospital with a type of minimial high care ward in order to control oxygenation and blood gas monitoring. Sometimes the use of assistive devices such as the Non-Invasive Ventilator (NIV) and the Ventilator itself is needed to overcome the problem of alkalosis and acidosis.

If you have entered the hospital and are undergoing treatment and care, it will be felt that the price we pay for health is expensive. So let’s strive for a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, avoid stress, get enough rest, drink water that is in the good water category, not just water.

World health experts agree that good water is water that contains antioxidants, is alkaline and has a small particle size so that it is easily absorbed by the body. Some springs created by God have these characteristics such as Zamzam in Saudi Arabia, Youth of Fountain in China, etc.

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