New Inspiration With Fiat Uno Second Series (1989-1995)

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Here is one of legend car from Fiat. Assembly as city car, Fiat Uno is succeed to be a famous city car in that era. As global market, this city car is famous in Europe, Asian and South of America, although the production not large as other brand, and the selling is not too spectacular, Fiat Uno is one type of car which people still talking until this time.

City car is main concept for Fiat Uno, the design is compact and simple. Although it is simple, but not bad car, the material is the best, machine perform is nice, you can feel the power with this small car. Interior design is luxury, complete and easy. Anything you can get in dashboard. Good leather and comfort.

Here is some details for Fiat Uno :

Manufacturer  :   Fiat
Also called   :  Fiat Mille, Fiat Mille Way, Innocenti Mille, Innocenti Mille Clip
Production   :  1983 – 1995 (Italy), 1983 – 2013 (South America), 1995 – 2002 (Poland), 1995 – 2003 (Morocco)
Assembly   :  Turin, Italy, Pretoria, South Africa, Betim, Brazil, Bursa, Turkey,Manta, Ecuador, Casablanca, Morocco (SOMACA). Kragujevac, Serbia
Designer  :   Giorgetto Giugiaro
Body and chassis
Body style  :   3-door hatchback, 5-door hatchback, 3-door panel van
Layout  :   FF layout
Platform  :   Type One platform (Tipo Uno)
Related  :   Fiat Duna
Fiat Elba
Fiat Fiorino (2nd series)
Engine  :   Straight-4
Transmission  :   4-speed manual, 5-speed manual
Selecta CVT
Wheelbase   :  2,362 mm (93.0 in)[5]
Length  :   3,645–3,689 mm (143.5–145.2 in)
Width  :   1,549–1,562 mm (61.0–61.5 in)
Height  :   1,405–1,422 mm (55.3–56.0 in)
Curb weight   :  711–910 kg (1,567–2,006 lb)

Please Enjoy some pictures about Fiat Uno, from any source :


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