Old Dream With Fiat 125 (1967-1972)

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My friend told me that Fiat 125 is one of nicest classic car for collection. Honestly I do not interesting for it. The Fiat brand name is strange for me. I don’t really like this Italian model. Why I was so naif? When I was child I look this car just only box car, not special for me. I like ride my father’s mercedez benz 80’s or his Corolla Dx 83.

But I’ve change my mind, my friend was opened it. I learn about Fiat when she ask me to bought her car, because she was in financial crisis. She told me to take care about it and than she would to bought it back when she escape from her bad situation. I just to help her, no more. So, I bought it. I don’t like this car. For many years, my Fiat 125 1972 just in my garage, just turn on machine, just it.

Some unforgettable moment come to me, I don’t know why, suddenly I want to test drive this car around the town. The magical is I easy to turn on this car, I remember I’ve forgot it for a long time. This chair is so comfortable. I check the gas, I think it’s enough, and then I driving.

My friend was care this really good. Everything still okay, electricity, originallity, and also the performance. I don’t believe this, like brand new car. In a coffee shop I stop the car, I look another Fiat 125 was parking in there. After I finish my coffee, I want to go home. Somebody came to me, he introduce his self and talk about my car. I think he is the owner that Fiat. He praise my car and seem like interesting. I told him that my Fiat knowledge is a little, and laughing. He really serious to interest my car, he ask me to sold it with $15.000, are he was kidding me? I told him, I can not to sold it. I don’t know. I really do not won’t to sold it. At least I want to join it for more time. He was respect to me. Then he ask me to join in Fiat Club. I told I’ll give my answer for few days. He gave me his phone number. And I join the club few weeks later.

Little by little I love this care. I bought 2 different model for add my collection. Here the specification :
Manufacturer  :   Fiat
Production    : 1967-1972
Assembly    : Turin, Italy, Casablanca, Morocco, Córdoba, Argentina (till 1982), Rancagua, Chile
Body and chassis
Class  : Large family car
Body style  :   4-door Sedan, 5-door Estate car
Related    :  Fiat 1300/1500, Fiat 124, Zastava 125pz, Polski Fiat 125p, FSO Polonez
Engine   :  1608 cc DOHC
Transmission     4-speed manual
(125: 1967–1973)
5-speed manual
(125S: 1968–1970, 125 Special 1970–1973)[2]
3-speed automatic
(125S: 1968–1970, 125 Special 1970–1973)
Wheelbase     2,505 mm (98.6 in)
Length     4,232 mm (166.6 in)
Width     1,625 mm (64.0 in)
Height     1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Curb weight     1,150 kg (2,535.3 lb)

Somebody may enjoy this moment, so, let’s check it out the pictures below.

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