Fiat 1100 (1953 – 1969)

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One of the best shot in Fiat history is 1100 models with the production year at 1953 – 1969. This type of car is very collectible with high quality of body and chases, this car will make your garage fully package of satisfaction. 60’s models usually heavy in weight. The material base was almost 90 percent made from iron. So that’s why the 60’s and 70’s car called as muscled car.

Italian Fiat 1100 made for family car. Easy to ride and light. Without power steering technology, driving this car was very simple and easy. Many family use this car for their daily transportation. And of course this car one of the prestige in that era.

People now stay to remake and rebuild this car with original concept. Of course we should depend the originality. The best collection is the most original for anything including this car. And then, the Fiat 1100 still alive and we taken into the glory of 60’s

Here the specification from any sources :

Manufacturer Fiat
Also called NSU-Fiat Europa
NSU-Fiat Neckar
Zastava 1100E [1]
Production 1953–1969
Italy: Mirafiori, Turin
Argentina: Ferreyra
India: Mumbai
Iran: Tehran
Morocco: Casablanca
Yugoslavia: Kragujevac
Taiwan: Changhua
West Germany: Heilbronn (NSU Automobil AG)
Body and chassis
Class Small family car (C)
Body style
4-door saloon
4-door estate
2-door spider
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Related Neckar Europa
Premier Padmini (1100 D)
1,089 cc I4 (petrol)
1,221 cc I4 (petrol)
Transmission 4-speed manual
Predecessor Fiat 1100 E
Successor Fiat 128

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    This is classic and unique car from

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