Daihatsu Taft GT (1984-1992)

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This is adventure car from Daihatsu. One of the classic car you should to collect. People still maintenance this car for any purpose. For collector, they make it more good looking and can compare the modern era. Some people modified it like and adventure or off road car. With big wheel and of course use 4wd system, this car can make you proud to ride it.

The first generation was sold from 1984 to 1993, replacing the Daihatsu Taft. It was available in short-wheelbase form with a convertible soft top or removable hard top and in extended-wheelbase form with metal top. The extended variant, called Rugger Wagon, could carry up to eight people in the back. Three engines were available: the petrol Toyota 3Y 2.0 L with one overhead cam, a single carburettor and 88 PS (65 kW); and two 2.8 litre diesel variants, normally aspirated with 73 PS (54 kW), or turbocharged with 88 PS (65 kW), both featuring overhead valves. Part-time 4WD was standard on all models. A Toyota-engined version was sold in the Japanese market as the Toyota Blizzard.< the LWB F75 and the longer wheel base F77 Pick up. In 1989 the 2.8 turbo diesels underwent a number of changes including timing chains instead of timing belts, square headlights and 4WD engagement in high range using an electric switch via a vacuum pipe.

This is more suitable car for someone who want to be bravery look to driving this car in the road way

The specs are :

Manufacturer Daihatsu
Also called

Toyota Blizzard (LD20)
Daihatsu Rocky
Daihatsu Fourtrak (United Kingdom)
Daihatsu Taft (4WD version, Indonesia)
Daihatsu Hiline/Feroza (RWD version, Indonesia)


1986–2007 (Indonesia)

Body and chassis

Off-road vehicle
Mini/compact SUV


Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive (Hiline/Feroza)
Front-engine, four-wheel-drive


1598 cc HD-C I4 (Feroza)[1]
1998 cc 3Y I4
2237 cc 4Y I4
2765 cc DL I4
2765 cc DL turbodiesel I4


4-speed manual
5-speed manual


2,205 mm (86.8 in) (short wheelbase)
2,530 mm (99.6 in) (long wheelbase)
2,800 mm (110.2 in) (long wheelbase, Indonesia)


3,655–3,715 mm (143.9–146.3 in) (short wheelbase)
4,060 mm (159.8 in) (long wheelbase)
4,500 mm (177.2 in) (long wheelbase pickup)
4,520 mm (178.0 in) (long wheelbase, Indonesia)

Width 1,580 mm (62.2 in)
Height 1,830–1,905 mm (72.0–75.0 in)
Kerb weight 1,350–1,850 kg (2,976–4,079 lb)
Predecessor Daihatsu Taft (F10/F20/F50/F60)

check the picture below for your inspiration :