Sexy Ideas About Daihatsu Charade First Generation G10 (1977-1983)

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This is Daihatsu Charade G10. The one of the popular car in that era and still as collectible car in all around the world for this currently time. In first born, most of people doubt that 3 cylinders car like it can survive because in that era, the higher engine with 4 or 5 cylinders have a great domination. When you get the power, you get the spotlight too. But, the creator was clever, he want to create a new market. With 3 cylinders this car was low consumption of fuel. My grandfather was laugh when this car come to the market. He think the toys can be compared with his Ford Mustang 1969 and another American muscle car. He did it, he didn’t purchased this Charade G10. Really stay in his mind. Little different with my father, he though that car will be needed for us. He has high mobility and still in productive age, so, with low consumption in gas, he thought that car was efficient and it was true. He bought one and still alive in my garage until now.

When I observed the story of this car, in 1979 this car called as the most surprised car in selling. In the creator country, Japan, this car has one of the most valuable car. Same opinion with my grandfather, 3 cylinders engine like as a joke and no different with toys car. But, the market have another word, this car was really did it.

Charade G10 car has round head lamp, and I think this models have own uniqueness and that’s right, the next gen Many people like this car for collection, because the part still easy to find. For long time, Daihatsu just change the body, and still depend the engine. For next car like Daihatsu Hijet it was like that. In this milenial, Daihatsu Xenia still depend on Charade G10 engine, of course with upgraded innovations but the basic still same.

Today, some people still use this car for daily car, but the most one own this for collection. And really collectible car. Here they are the specifications from any sources :

Production 1977–1983
Japan: Ikeda, Osaka
Greece: Thebes, Boeotia (Automeccanica)
Indonesia: Sunter, Jakarta
(Gaya Motor)[1]
Body and chassis
Body style 3/5-door hatchback
Engine 843 cc CD I3 (petrol)
993 cc CB I3 (petrol)
4-speed manual
5-speed manual
2-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,300 mm (90.6 in)
Length  3,460–3,530 mm (136.2–139.0 in)
Width  1,520 mm (59.8 in)
Height  1,360 mm (53.5 in)

Yeah, great car for daily or just collection. Enjoy the pictures below!


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