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General Information on Singing Bowls

It is difficult for a normal person to spend the entire day without meeting a couple of stressors. Depression is one of the conditions that someone would have to deal with when they let stress control. It is possible that you might have tried out different stress medication which have not been successful so far. Fortunately for you, there are methods that do not involve medicines that you would want to use. For example, sparing some minutes in the morning for meditation would be of great help to your body.

However, although meditation is meant to help you, there are those morning that someone tends to have racing thoughts. Luckily, there are different things you would do to have the ability to meditate with ease. For example, you would want to introduce singing bowls during your meditation sessions. You are probably meeting the word ‘singing bowls’ for the first time, and below is a simple explanation about them. Nepal and India are some of the regions that are believed to have discovered the singing bowl. Tibet used these instruments for their ceremonies. All communities that used the singing bowl explained its benefits later on.

Singing bowls were used to provide with relaxation, and are still used for the same reasons today. There are steps to be followed while using the singing bowl, and the first step is holding the bowl in one hand and a wooden mallet on the other. Gently move the mallet around the edge of the bowl in a clockwise direction, and the bowl will start “singing”. The calming sound produced together with your breathing allows you to ease up and relaxation is promoted.

Chakras are also balanced using singing bowls. According to the Indians, when the body is not functioning as it should, it means that one or more chakras are blocked. The chakras are therefore unbalanced if they are blocked. They also believe that blending of harmonic overtones produced by the bowl would help balance the chakras. In fact, the sine waves of the chakras are balanced using the bowl and mallet. The striking frequency is important as it determines the effectiveness of the bowl.

The singing bowl also ensures that the immunity has been boosted. The boost comes from the vibrations produced by the bowl. Normally, every part of the human body is vibrating. It is the singing bowls that would have the ability to ensure that there is balance in the flow of energy through the body. The benefit can only be achieved when the bowl is stroke in the clockwise direction. Smooth flow of blood in the body is also enhanced by use of singing bowls.

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