Collectible Car That We Called 1969 Shelby GT 500

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American Muscle Car is famous in this world. Not just in continental but really in all the world. American muscle car introduced very clever with movies. Remember that the hero chase the bandits with American muscle car, for example 1969 Shelby GT 500. In racing movies this style more explored and always the hero is the winner.

Not just in the movies. In the real world, I think no one can be compared like American muscle car. European and Asian aren’t have sporty car like American muscle car. For example 1969 Shelby GT 500. This Shelby is famous style in this world. The bodies and also power is the recommendation for this ideas.

The specs are :

Production   :  1969–1970
Assembly    : Los Angeles, California
Body and chassis :
Body style   :   2-door fastback, 2-door convertible
Engine     351 cu in (5.8 L) V8 (GT 350)
428 cu in (7.0 L) V8 (GT 500)
Transmission     3-speed automatic, 4-speed manual
Wheelbase     108.0 in (2,743 mm)
Length     187.4 in (4,760 mm)